Mariano Corona (Present-Phone)
Nicki Smith (Absent)
Donald Sellers, Jr. (Present-Phone)
Douglas Burnham (Present)
Glynn Rutledge (Present)

I. Motion to approve July 8, 2020 Minutes (Burnham/Sellers). Motion passed.
II. Motion to approve the Year-End Financial Report as presented (Burnaham/Sellers). Motion passed.

III. Staff Reports
1. Audrey Kuipers and Courtney Murphy gave the OSWCD Program Report.
2. Howard Harrison gave the NRCS Program Report.
3. Audrey Kuipers updated Board on FDACS Program Report

IV. Unfinished Business- None

V. New Business
1. Motion to approve the FY 21 Budget as presented (Sellers/Corona). Motion passed.
2. Motion to approve the FY 21 Meeting Schedule as presented (Rutledge/Burnham). Motion passed.

VI. Upcoming Events
1. AFCD Annual Meeting | Ft. Walton Beach | November 5-6, 2020- Supervisor Corona and Audrey Kuipers
will no longer be attending.
2. Board of Supervisor Meeting | November 11, 2020 | 1pm

VII. Meeting adjourned at 1:47pm